Welcome to Superkids Pediatrics!

Superkids Pediatrics is the medical office of board-certified pediatrician Dr. Andrew B. Lee.  We are dedicated to providing the best personalized medical care to children in the Irvine and Orange County community.  Our office has a family-centered philosophy, and we strive to deliver the best family experience to our patients.  Our approach to pediatric health includes:

  • High quality care, adhering to the highest standards of pediatric medicine
  • Same day appointments for sick children
  • The same doctor at every visit
  • A pediatrician on-call at all times
  • Easy and direct phone accessibility to the doctor when you have a question

We believe that the best child healthcare involves doctors and medical staff taking time to learn about each child and family, while also providing support and guidance to parents regarding their child’s medical care.  A child’s health and well-being include so much more than just a list of medical diagnoses.  At Superkids Pediatrics, we approach each child as a whole, and consider the full picture of a child’s health to encompass their medical background, growth and development, emotional health, and family environment.

Call or visit us at:

Superkids Pediatrics
Office of Andrew B. Lee, M.D.
4950 Barranca Pkwy, Suite 205A
Irvine, CA  92604
T: 949-872-2878
F: 949-872-2887

We look forward to meeting you!