At Superkids Pediatrics, we constantly strive to provide the smoothest office experience possible to our patients and families.  We have recently updated and improved our office policies to help serve that purpose.  Effective on October 1, 2015, we will be observing the policies below.

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Office Hours

We are open Monday through Friday, from 8am to 5pm.  Our office is closed on major holidays, including Christmas, Thanksgiving, Labor Day, Independence Day, Memorial Day, and New Year’s Day.  Outside of normal business hours, the pediatrician can be reached by calling the main office number and following the instructions to reach his personal cell phone.

Scheduling Policies

In order to respect the time of our patients and families, we schedule visits by appointment only, one patient at a time.  To eliminate unnecessary wait time, we ask that you call ahead to schedule your appointment time — even for urgent or same-day visits.  By contacting us in advance, our staff can help cut down on your wait time and find the best time for you and your child to visit.  Walk-in patients are only scheduled in available time slots, the same way we handle same-day phone calls.

Late Policy (for everybody — including patients, staff, and doctors!)

Our office is always striving to eliminate unnecessary wait time for our patients and families.  We know how hard it is to wait in the doctor’s office with an active, curious child who simply must explore everything, and who is ready to go outside to play after the first 5 minutes!  We adhere to a Late Policy in order to respect the time of everyone in our office — both your time as well as other patients’ time.  For this reason, families arriving 15 minutes or more after their scheduled appointment time will be re-scheduled to a future time slot.  For urgent concerns and only at the doctor’s discretion, a late patient may at times be seen for an abbreviated visit in the time left for their appointment slot;  in such cases, there may not be time to address all questions and concerns.  We firmly believe that spending adequate time with patients is vital to providing optimal health care.  Except in extreme circumstances, we will always avoid hurried or rushed appointments.  We ask that our families plan ahead and consider the many things that factor into travel time when getting ready for their appointment (e.g.- traffic, packing diaper bag, packing a snack or bottle, adjusting car seats, waking baby up from nap too early, last minute potty break, etc.).

Furthermore, unlike any other medical office we have heard of, we also hold ourselves accountable to our own late policy!  For patients who arrive on time for their visit, but subsequently wait over 15 minutes after being checked-in before seeing the doctor (excluding time spent obtaining vital signs, weight, and other measurements), we will reduce their office visit fee by 10% for that day.

Cancellation Policy (for everybody — including patients, staff, and doctors!)

Your appointment time is reserved exclusively for you and your child.  If you need to cancel or reschedule, we ask that you notify us by phone or e-mail at least 24 hours prior to your appointment time.  If your appointment is missed, cancelled, or re-scheduled without 24-hours’ notice, then there will be a $50 fee for any subsequent occurrences (e.g.- another missed/cancelled/re-scheduled appointment without 24-hours’ notice).  Nearly every day, our office receives calls from parents wishing to schedule their child for a same-day visit, often due to urgent concerns.  We always reserve time every day to accommodate urgent medical issues, but children and illness rarely follow a predictable schedule — sometimes it rains and sometimes it pours.  Our 24-hour cancellation policy helps us accommodate these urgent concerns and stay available to our patients when they need us most.

Of course, it is only fair that our staff and doctors adhere to the same policies as our patients.  It is quite rare that we will ever contact you to re-schedule your appointment, especially without at least 24-hours’ notice.  However, if we ever re-schedule your appointment twice in a row with less than 24-hours’ notice each time, then we will reduce your next office visit charge by $50.